Sunday, June 19, 2011

I suck at Father's Day

So this morning my hubby wakes me up and it is almost 11:00 (that's when our church starts) oops.  My alarm didn't go off.  I go downstairs and wake up the kids, who were faking asleep and had been up for hours.  We were going to make Dad pancakes and that didn't work so well, we were out of eggs.  so that also meant no french toast, no muffins, no scrambled eggs.... hmmm what's left.  Oh look! We have some chocolate snak paks.  So yes that's what he got for Father's Day breakfast..... lame.  Oh and the kids are already fighting. joy.... well now we'll get ready and go to the inlaws and cross our fingers that the day improves, for the hubby's sake

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